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Modular Building System

This plugin will allow you to easily create simple buildings in the Unity editor.

Development plan

Here is a step by step development plan for the plugin

In development

Editor version

The version for game developers, and level designers, or for those who do everything themselves 😉 Version for creating buildings for games inside the Unity Editor.

Functionality when it is ready:

  • Walls drawing
  • Floor drawing
  • Interior/exterior objects placer (in dev.)
  • Roofs creation (in dev.)
  • Stairs creation (in dev.)
  • Mesh combining (in dev.)

Price when it is ready ~ $120
Price now: $39.99

planned. when editor version is done

In-game version

The version for in-game use. It will give your players the ability to easily create buildings inside your game within different modular parts, that you include.

MBS will be ported from Editor to In-Game mode after the Editor version is ready.

You can support the development and bring closer the In-game version just by buying MBS now in the Unity Asset Store.


Custom modular parts

Plugin work based on asset packs. Each one can keep its own walls, floors, roofs, and decoration prefabs.

Any designer is able to create its own asset pack with custom models, textures, materials, scripts and is able to use it, share it, or sell it.

Easy to use

I try my best to simplify the usability and make it more intuitive.

Drawing walls and floors is similar to Sims games.

The user interface is similar to the user interface of built-in Unity components.

Easy to design

In addition to being easy to use, the plugin is developing with the understanding that creating resources for it should also be simple and straightforward.

The designer will need to create only basic models, and the plugin will automatically change them if necessary, for example, change the corners of the wall at the point of contact.

About me

My name is Roman. I am originally from Kazakhstan, but now I live in Russia in Novokuznetsk city (this is Siberia), because I studied here and got married. Now I have a wife and 2 y.o. daughter.

My life: I am 25 y.o., and unfortunately my life has developed in such a way that I still do not have any outstanding skills. I often did not have enough perseverance and patience and I gave up all the things I was doing.

I was engaged in the development of websites (this one I made myself), 3D printing(check old insta), I tried to assembly my own CNC CO2 laser cutter (check video), selling flowers, tried to write music, and even tried to open my own small shop of accessories for phones, but I didn’t dwell on anything for a long time.

Unity programming: 5-6 years ago I already tried to create something on Unity (check video and date in the bottom left), but my acquaintances of that time dissuaded me, saying that it would not bring me income and it would be better for me to do something “real”, not “virtual”.

After many years of searching for myself and my favorite business, I nevertheless returned to programming and to Unity. I tried to get a job as a Junior, but I do not have special skills and education that I can boast of, and I have never worked in a team, so they did not answer me anywhere.

Then I decided to develop something of my own, of course, at first I thought about a super cool game (after all, everyone dreams?), But I realized that I didn’t have enough strength and I had to start with something simpler. Then I decided to develop the MBS plugin.

How is it going? Everything is fine, as you can see the work is going on, but… have some difficulties. In Russia, salaries are not particularly high, at least in the provinces and in Siberia, the average salary here is about $ 500 per month or $ 6,000 per year.

Life is hard, but! I do not grieve and do not give up. The one thing I learned from all things above is to finish what you started. I want to finish my first good and quite a big project – MBS, I’m learning patience and overcoming.


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If you want to ask me something or you need more info just send me email or leave a comment down below.

Thank you!